Cultural Centre

Cultural Centre

Kings Hill development partners Liberty Property Trust and Kent County Council, are looking to build strong, lasting partnerships with local schools, the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and local community groups, in order to place art, culture and learning at the centre of the Kings Hill community. 

The Cultural Centre has been created in the historic art deco control tower, to be supported by these cultural partnerships, which will be open to the public and become shared space providing a focal point for the community.  The Control Tower’s position in the very heart of Kings Hill lends itself well to this and to becoming part of Liberty’s ongoing placemaking and cultural strategy for the people who live, work and visit the development.

Under the guidance of art consultants, Futurecity, a steering committee has been formed, made up of stakeholders from the community and art experts, which met earlier this year to discuss potential uses for the Cultural Centre.  The Cultural Centre opened in Autumn 2014 and is fitted out to a gallery specification, as advised by the UCA.

A project manager/curator will be appointed to deliver a consistent and sustainable programme of exhibitions covering the visual arts, arts and crafts, design and new media including work from local artists and crafts people and receive touring exhibitions - the role will be advertised in the press and online at

Interim arrangements

Liberty’s occupation of part of the Control Tower allows it to contribute practically by providing a manned reception (9.00-5.30 pm) and financially, by covering the service charge and other occupational costs.

Liberty is additionally funding an interim arrangement, so that the space can have a change of content whilst the search for a curator/coordinator takes place.  This is an extension of the Kings Hill Art initiative which has provided a professionally curated, rolling art exhibition in the office buildings for 5 years.

Professional curator for Kings Hill Art, June Frickleton, is overseeing installations in the Cultural Centre.

September 2015




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