New Public Park Plans

New Public Park Plans

In 2015 planning consent was granted for a new neighbourhood located mainly on land from Tower View to Beacon Avenue. The new neighbourhood will comprise 635 homes, a third primary school, community hall extension, a youth recreation facility, additional grass sports pitches for Kings Hill Sports Park, further land for allotments, trim trails, woodland paths and a new, public park.

Since then, Liberty has been working on the design and phasing of the new neighbourhood, applying a 'landscape first' strategy - central to which will be the new public park. The intention is to create a beautiful outdoor place, for fun, exercise and peaceful reflection, accessible to all who live, work and visit Kings Hill, for generations to come.

In May 2016, Liberty conducted a public consultation in relation to the proposals and the community were invited to help refine these ideas which, intriguingly, are intended to be “a celebration of the big skies of Kent”. .

Views and suggestions were invited both at the consultation and  following via the website and many have been incorporated in the final plans. Liberty's planning application was submitted to the local authority and it is hoped final consent will be received in February 2017 with a view to starting work soon after.

For full details see the TMBC planning portal, ref 16/03235/RM.



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