Art Success at Kings Hill

Art Success at Kings Hill

The introduction of art exhibitions in flagship office buildings at Kings Hill has had a positive effect on employees, with many saying it brightens up their day, making them feel more cheerful.

Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd organises the exhibitions in conjunction with Arts and Business – an organisation that aims to enhance the workplace through art - to showcase and promote the work of local and South East artists.

Sculptures, paintings, textiles, ceramics and photographs are on show in five of the park’s buildings, and the exhibitions are changed every three months. Comments from people working in the buildings include “the art makes the offices much more interesting – some of the pieces are fantastic” and “the sculptures are wonderful, they add real charm to the workplace”.

A private viewing was held on 25 June to launch the third exhibition which will be open to employees and visitors for the following three months.

Works by Cas Holmes, Peter M Clarke, Si Unwins and Carol Anderson Knight will be on show in 30 Tower View; works by Bill Bate and Paula Groves in 11 Tower View; works by Bobby Boud in 4 Abbey Wood Road, works by Julian Ward in 35 Kings Hill Avenue and works by Stig Evans in 39 Kings Hill Avenue. The exhibition is being curated by June Frickleton.

Many of the artworks are ‘organic’, with natural hand dyed textiles, seed pod sculptures and themes of water, ice and colour among the exhibits. 

“As a company we are dedicated to the arts,” said Andrew Blevins, managing director of Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd. “Together with Kent County Council we give the Rouse Kent Public Art Award every two years as well as commissioning our own public artworks on the park, and the art exhibitions are an extension of this support for the arts.

“I am delighted the artworks give pleasure to people working here and it makes all the hard work put in by the curator worthwhile.”

Jane Chambers, regional director, Arts & Business, said that the exhibition showcases the dynamic interplay which can be achieved between high quality art and large corporate spaces when the art is bold, of an appropriate scale and sympathetic to the environment in which it is set. “Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd has once again shown that it is an innovator in placing work in the tenanted buildings at Kings Hill,” she said.

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