Skye's the Limit at Kings Hill

Skye's the Limit at Kings Hill

Fast-growing company Skye IT has moved to new offices at Kings Hill where it plans to expand and take on more staff.

The company, which delivers multi-Vendor IT procurement and Solutions to corporates and SMEs, is part of the Skye Group and will use its Kings Hill offices as one of the main sales bases for the whole group.

Previously in temporary accommodation in Churchill Square, the company has moved into 2,549 sq ft in 11 Tower View, where 25 staff will be based.

Chief Executive Officer Paul Swords, who also lives at Kings Hill, said: “We took small offices at Kings Hill last year to dip our toes in the water and have been so impressed with the working environment here that we have decided to expand and open our new flagship offices.

“Initially we will employ 25 staff, some of whom will come from our other offices, but we are already looking to expand and recruit new staff from Kings Hill and the surrounding areas. We are a fast growing company and plan to have between 40 and 45 staff working here within a year.

“We are looking to employ high calibre people and we are able to do that being based at Kings Hill. It is a sought after place to work and we are able to recruit people who would usually work in London. We also use the restaurants and leisure facilities at Kings Hill to entertain our clients which we find very convenient, and I know the amenities here will also be a great help in attracting and retaining the staff I need.”

Paul, who has lived at Kings Hill with his wife and children for six years, co-founded the Skye Group with Gary Coppin in 2004. It has four divisions – Skye IT, Skye Consult, Skye Recruit and Skye Direct – and has 75 full time staff and a turnover of £20 million.

Andrew Blevins, managing director of Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd, said “We are delighted that Skye IT has plans for further expansion and staff recruitment here.

“Due to the ownership structure of the office space across the park we are well placed to help our tenants grow by moving them when they need to move, whenever possible.”

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