Life saving equipment for Kings Hill

Life saving equipment for Kings Hill

Lives could be saved in Kings Hill and surrounding areas thanks to the donation of vital medical equipment to the local Community First Responders, a group of volunteers who attend certain 999 calls in their immediate area.

Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd, the developer of Kings Hill, has donated a defibrillator to the Kings Hill Community First Responder scheme, which was set up by the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust last November.

Nikki Tillin, who is the Team Leader for Kings Hill, said “Community First Responders are not a substitute for the ambulance service but because they are based within the community they are able to attend an emergency in a very short time and start to provide vital life saving treatment or give support and reassurance until an ambulance arrives”.

“We are provided with two kit bags per new scheme which are shared amongst members who are booked on duty,” said Nikki. “This is fine while I am the only responder at Kings Hill but we are recruiting more members and when they start it would be much easier if we had a kit bag each. This would enable more members to be on call at various times giving the community greater support, which is why we are trying to buy additional equipment.

“We respond to certain category A 999 calls - including cardiac arrests – within a three mile radius of our homes. We are not a substitute for the ambulance service but we can start to give vital life saving support or treatment if we arrive on the scene first.

“A defibrillator is used in certain cardiac arrests by delivering an electric shock to the heart and is a vital part of our kit - it could mean the difference between life and death. I am very grateful to Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd for donating the defibrillator, which will be a tremendous help to us – and people locally.”

Andrew Blevins, managing director of Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd, said that he was delighted to be able to help. “Kings Hill is now a bustling community with over 11,000 people either living or working here and we take their safety very seriously. Nikki and other Community First Responders do a great job and their presence has meant a positive outcome for many medical emergencies. It is a great service to have at Kings Hill, and one we are very keen to support.”

Nikki still needs to raise further funds and anyone interested in finding out more about the Community First Responder scheme can contact her by emailing or by calling 07590839251.

“We will be holding a music festival on Sunday 6th June at the Spitfire pub, Kings Hill, with the proceeds donated to the Kings Hill and Larkfield Community First Responder scheme,” said Nikki. “On the day there will be guest bands, a children’s entertainer, a prize raffle and of course the Community First Responders will be on hand to answer any questions. Everyone is welcome.”

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