Trees on the Move

Trees on the Move

Five fully mature trees have been moved half a mile across Kings Hill to save them from being felled when work starts on the new developments around Liberty Square.

Four flowering cherries and one pine tree were dug up and transported by a giant ‘tree spade’, a machine that has large petal-shaped prongs which dig deep underneath the tree so that when raised they will retain their root system and root ball.

They were moved from an area adjacent to ASDA’s delivery bay and replanted near the Kings Hill cricket pavilion in an operation that took all day.

“They had to be moved because of planning conditions relating to the expansion of the central area of shops, restaurants and community facilities around Liberty Square,” said Andrew Blevins, managing director of Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd.

“We didn’t want them to be cut down so we arranged for them to be moved near the cricket pavilion, where we hope they will thrive and give pleasure for generations to come.”

Work will start on the expansion of the central area and refurbishment of the Art Deco control tower at Kings Hill as soon as full planning consent is received from Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council.

The plans include 20,000 sq ft of new retail space which will include a large Waitrose convenience store; restoration of the control tower; some housing; a possible extension to the doctors’ surgery and landscaping with plenty of places for relaxation.

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