Giant Ball Rolling at Kings Hill

Giant Ball Rolling at Kings Hill

A six foot silver ball was rolled from Kings Hill to Mereworth Castle – a journey of about a mile – by art students from Maidstone as part of their degree project.

The ball replicates the silver ball of the iconic “A Different Ball Game’ sculpture by Kevin Atherton at Kings Hill, which has become synonymous with the development.

It was pushed by six Fine Art Media students studying photography and video at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Maidstone. The event was filmed and photographed by the students as part of their degree project and the results will be on show at an exhibition at 30 Tower View, Kings Hill ME19 4UY from Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd May between 12noon and 6pm.

The journey the students made with the ball was from the “A Different Ball Game” sculpture on the roundabout in Gibson Drive and along the course of the original drive of the Grade 1 listed Palladian Mereworth Castle, which, although no longer visible, runs through Kings Hill. 

The idea behind the project was to link the past to the future and, as well as being for the students’ degree is also part of the university’s cultural collaboration with Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd.

The students involved in the project were Elin Karlsson, Fleur Alston, Jane Sellman, Caroline Smith, Louise Gage and Hayley Burgess.

"The ‘ball rolling’ was a great visual start to the collaboration with Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd,” said Jane Sellman, photography student from UCA and the originator of the concept.

“I am passionate about capturing moments, freezing time and discovering life from different perspectives. My practice is uncovering the unusual aspects of everyday, and with the project based at Kings Hill, I was eager to link the performance of photography with the community. The film is focused on combining older themes with the contemporary and adding an element of surprise; of the unexpected encounter with the unusual.”

Another of the students, Elin Karlsson, a second year photography student, said: ”This is such a great opportunity for us and we are working hard to create some interesting visual work in relation to Kings Hill. Rolling a gigantic ball was such a brilliant and engaging way to start the project off.”

Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd is developing a cultural collaboration with UCA and plans to stage exhibitions and events to mark the site’s history and transformation into a world class mixed use development. This project will include exhibitions on what it is like to live at Kings Hill today.

Andrew Blevins, managing director of Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd, said: “It was a fun idea and featured one of Kings Hill’s best loved sculptures which epitomises the mix of uses we have developed here – life-size bronzes of the people who make up our community push the ball.

“We believe that attention to the soft and social infrastructure of new development is key to successfu

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