Free poppy seeds at Kings Hill

Free poppy seeds at Kings Hill

People living at Kings Hill are being offered free poppy and wildflower seeds by developer Liberty Property Trust UK Ltd to mark the outbreak of World War 1.

Liberty has already planted over 2,000 sq m of poppies and other wildflowers throughout the development – an area around a third of the size of the pitch at Wembley Stadium – and is hoping that residents will sow poppies in their gardens too.

The variety being given away is ‘Old Comrades Mix’ which includes the early summer flowering Flanders Poppy as well as a selection of later flowering annuals such as Bishops Flower, Red Flax and Cosmos.

“We have already planted swathes of wildflowers in highly visible areas where the highest number of people will be able to see and enjoy them,” said Susan Davies, Liberty’s residential co-ordinator. “We have chosen seed mixes - including the commemorative ‘Old Comrades’ and ‘Least we Forget’ - to ensure a long-lasting display throughout the summer and we would like to offer residents the opportunity to do the same in their gardens.

 “As well as being poignant and colourful, the flowers will attract bees, butterflies and other insects. The seeds will cover around a square metre and anyone who would like a packet can collect one from our offices in 11 Tower View.”

Last year the wildflowers at Kings Hill, which were inspired by the planting at the Olympic Park, attracted a great deal of positive comment. The landscaping at Kings Hill is undertaken by Coblands and, said Susan Davies, it is the high standard of the landscaping that helps set Kings Hill apart from other developments.

“The garden village environment at Kings Hill has always been hugely important to us and we devote a great deal of time and resources into making it a showcase for good landscaping for the Kings Hill community to enjoy,” she said.

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