Rare chance to see artworks

Rare chance to see artworks

Internationally acclaimed South African artist Jeannette Unite, who collects minerals from mines and geological sites worldwide to make her own paints, is exhibiting some of her major works in the Control Tower at Kings Hill.

Unite was guided by the 200 year old geo-map drawn up and published by the father of British geology William ‘Strata’ Smith and her series of mineral strata paintings incorporate his texts and notations.

The research was undertaken in collaboration with the Oxford University Museum and Owen Green from the Department of Earth Science, Oxford University using the archives at the Natural History Museum and the Geological Society.

The paint Unite used to create the "bar-code" like painting series was made from strata soil collected from layers of rock and minerals at various quarries located in England and Wales - including chalk from Dover.

"I am delighted to be working with Jeannette,” said June Frickleton, who selects the works for the Kings Hill art exhibitions. “Her paintings are incredibly striking and this is a rare opportunity to see her work.”

Also on show in the Control Tower is a series of bright and bold C-type metallic photographs by Ed Burnard, paintings inspired by dramatic seascapes and expansive skies by George Antoni and photos of extreme landscapes in Iceland and Greenland, which aim to encourage people to appreciate and respect these threatened locations.

“The exhibitions have become quite a taking point at Kings Hill and we try hard to provide a varied selection of artworks for people to enjoy,” said Caroline Binns from Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust. “We are incredibly lucky to have secured works by Jeannette Unite and it will be an opportunity for people to see them in the setting of the Control Tower gallery.”

The exhibition is open to the public between 9am and 5.30pm on Monday to Friday and will run until 26 September when it will be replaced with a new exhibition.

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