Osprey at Kings Hill

Osprey at Kings Hill

An osprey and a stag’s head made from cutlery, motor parts and forged steel are among the eye-catching works on show at Kings Hill in the iconic Control Tower.

Part of the new art exhibition, they were created by metal artist Alan Williams, whose work has been shown at Kew Gardens and the Sculpture Park in Surrey.

Also on show is a series of paintings and photomontages by a group of well-known artists.

This includes a photomontage by Andy Dickerson representing Gutenberg’s printing press - which was introduced in 1439 – which is part of his ‘History of the World in Six Pictures’ series.

Alongside are joyously vibrant abstracts by Yvonne Roberts, muted geometric paintings by London artist Helen Douglas-Cooper, large bright canvasses by Rebecca Prout and meditative works in ink and oil paint by Stella Whalley which were inspired by the Japanese art of Sumi-E and Mono Ha.

“I like to select works from different mediums - some quirky and some classic - so there is something for everyone to enjoy,” said June Frickleton of Frickleton Fine Art who curates the exhibitions on behalf of Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust. “The exhibition represents a cross section of art forms created by well established artists and it is a good opportunity for people to see their work in an informal setting.”

The exhibition is open to the public between 9am and 5.30pm on Monday to Friday and will run until the end of April when it will be replaced with a new exhibition.

Details of each artist together with an example of their work is listed here.

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