Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Cathy Read

Cathy Read

42 Kings Hill Ave & Control Tower Gallery

Cathy Read 's paintings depict the geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture in a free, expressive style which rely heavily on the use of masking techniques. The inspiration for the paintings coming from time spent in London and other major cities, such as Manchester and Oxford.

Cathy has exhibited with the Society of Women Artists since 2013, becoming a member in 2015.  She was awarded the Barbara Tate Memorial Award by the Society for her Body of Work in 2015. She has also exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society and Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour.

Cathy was a contestant in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year Competition, in 2016 and 2017

Shortlisted for the 2017 Artist of the year held by Artist and Illustrators Magazine, she received the Wild and Tame award for her painting of the Toast Rack in Manchester.

2018 saw a solo exhibition “Take a Trip to Marylebone” at Claydon House in October as well as the 4950 Challenge which saw the completion of  50 paintings of details of architecture. In Buckingham and the surrounding villages.

A qualified as an Occupational Therapist, Cathy started her art career in 2008. A self taught artist, her earlier paintings were predominantly circle based abstracts. She developed her distinctive style around this time before venturing into urban landscapes. An interest fuelled by a lifelong fascination with buildings. This evolution was only natural following a childhood dominated by the giant mills of the Cotton industry in the North of England.

Colleen Slater

Colleen Slater

4 Abbey Wood Rd and Control Tower Gallery

Colleen Slater is a professional, freelance photographer and teacher.

‘With a background in Fine Art painting, I have lived in Brighton since 1978 and been working as a photographer since 2006. I have a particular interest in macro photography and through my images, hope to draw attention to the ordinary, often unnoticed things in the everyday world which appear extraordinary and sometimes unworldly when seen through a macro lens’.

Colleen lectures on macro photography and tutors digital imaging software, including Lightroom and Photoshop, tailoring lessons to individual requirements. She is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society whose work is regularly shown in International exhibitions and used in various publications including Outdoor Photographer, Amateur Photographer and EOS Magazine.

‘My passion for wildlife developed during my childhood in Monmouthshire, where I spent much of my time outdoors, wandering the countryside and exploring with my brother. We dammed streams to make small lakes, investigated ponds teeming with life, fished for sticklebacks and caught grasshoppers in our hands. I was aware of all the nuances of the changing seasons as life came and went through the year and was fascinated by it all. I have a deep concern for environment issues and through my photographs I enjoy sharing my love of the natural world. I hope to bring attention to the many fascinating aspects of the natural world that are all around us but which often go unnoticed.

Diccon Dadey

Diccon Dadey

11 Tower View, 34 Tower View, 42 KIngs Hill Ave & Control Tower Gallery

Diccon Dadey is a metal sculptor working in mild steel to fabricate a wonderfully eclectic collection of modern and traditional house and garden art in 3D form.

Most sculptures are fabricated entirely from sheet metal but some introduce mixed media in the form of salvaged or drift wood to enhance the representation of nature.  Others are made entirely from scrap metal: reusing materials and reforming them into a beautiful piece of art which reflects nature and which, somehow, seems a fitting way of demonstrating the ongoing worth of the materials often so readily discard.

Most pieces are weathered to offer up a lovely rusty patina which is so fitting to the natural theme of many of Diccon’s pieces but  each sculpture is designed to fit and enhance its environment and as a consequence galvalised and powder-coated finishes are also very much part of the Dadey Metal Art portfolio where better suited.

Many of the artist’s pieces are an observation of nature, using this man-made material to capture the unique movement, character and alertness for which animals and birds are so much loved and which makes these sculptures such a popular personal art choice.

Contemporary art is also very much a feature of the Dadey Metal Art collection including sculptures ranging from commissioned pieces such as coats of arms to abstract art suited to any particular space or garden landscape theme.

Whether contemporary or traditional; whether abstract or a reflection of nature, a Dadey Metal Art Sculpture offers a unique and timeless piece of art which never fails to enhance its environment either as a breathtaking centre-piece and ongoing ‘wow’ or a gently placed nod to nature, perhaps on a fence, in a flowerbed or on a tree and spotted as a genuinely wonderful surprise.

Jane Campling

Jane Campling

30 Tower View & Control Tower Gallery

Jane Campling is a contemporary British painter. She studied Fine Art at Liverpool Art School, graduating in 1997 with a first class honours degree and was awarded the Stuart Sutcliffe Fellowship. She has exhibited in Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster and London as well as in Basel, Switzerland.

Her work is based around the landscape.

She lives and works in East Sussex.

Kate Scott

Kate Scott

11 Tower View & Control Tower Gallery

I work mostly on canvas, board and paper with acrylic paint and other mediums. I use colour,  marks and drawing to convey emotion, mood, response to nature, weather, landscape and memory, often inspired viscerally by music as I go along.

I use paint to create space, movement and tension. I like to walk the tightrope between recklessness and control, expression and artificial order, allowing accidental marks to pave the way to new unexpected destinations and seeing if it works. I enjoy that sudden feeling when the images come into being, creating a world within themselves which might continue beyond the boundaries of the picture’s edges.

My very recent work often refers to being outside in my garden, watching the skies move and the trees sway and sometimes tries to evoke that intangible feeling. Also coming to the fore are memories of a trip to India, and the way the bright colours crystallised against the muted monsoon weather.

I am interested in the relationship between the space above the horizon and the solidity of what exists beneath it - both in actuality and pictorially, as well as metaphorically - the conscious and the unconscious.

I studied Fine Art Painting BA, followed by an MA in printmaking in Brighton and have shown widely in London and Brighton, taking part in solo and mixed exhibitions and artist’s Open Houses. I have undertaken commissions and also have work in private collections.  In May I co-curated ‘Art At Zerb’s, 3rd runner up in The Latest magazine’s top Brighton open house awards,  I also hosted my own Open studio in Brighton, October 2018.

Madeliene Harrington

Madeliene Harrington

1 Tower View & Control tower Gallery

My practice is heavily influenced by the legacy of abstract expressionism. It explores images and ideas relating to ‘nature’ and landscape and its emotional impact upon us. The French word frisson is, ‘a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill’, this sentiment is what serves as the inspiration of the work. I want my painterly and material concerns to embody my feelings and sensations I experience via the ‘natural’ world.

The natural world can make the human race feel insignificant and that can be frightening. For example, Immanuel Kant’s ‘mathematical sublime’. However, distance can be used as a means of gaining pleasure from it.  For example, a storm seen at a distance can be aesthetically beautiful, though, dangerous and frightening at close proximity. As well as working with distance, scale is addressed. The large canvas’ represent the grandeur of ‘nature’.

The erratic characteristic of the brush marks highlights the intense act of painting, comparable to the complex relationship between nature and man. Similarly, this is executed through the images collaged onto the piece. Although, the art work is predominately covered with natural imagery there is an underlying collision with urban environment, the hinterland. This shown in fewer, but present images.

The artwork is mixed medium including; oil paint with alkaflow, acrylic paint, emulsion paint and collage. The combination of materials creates depth throughout the pictorial surface allowing layers to emerge. This is developed through the physical act of layering paint onto the surface, thereby exploring painting ‘facture’. The work becomes an extension of the artist and projects a personal approach to the subject matter. Colour, line, edges and borders are key to the work. The use of “whiteness”, works as a palimpsest creating layers and passages throughout the work. This is through a visual metaphor of deep rooted patterns and structures in nature and intends to render an abstract geology.

Stella Tripp

Stella Tripp

39 Kings Hill Ave & Control Tower Gallery

I live in Exeter – pretty close to my place of birth: Taunton in Somerset. But I travelled the long way round – living and studying in Israel, Portsmouth, London, and America along the way. I have made and exhibited art in all those places, as well as holding many exhibitions in south west England.

I make art to explore the nature of reality, both gentle and brutal: the fragility of the world and our engagement with it.

The paintings are about relationships, rhythms and the juxtaposition of opposites: they refer to what’s going on “off-stage” – things I feel, touch, hear, remember as well as what I see. They are to do with questioning everything; and making connections – creating a multiverse rather than an either/or world. And they revel in the language of paint. They are the result of a juggling act between life itself and the physical stuff and language of art. Recapturing a childhood sense of play and adventure with no preconceived goal other than a bringing together – a moment of balance – a glimpse of understanding. Life measured out in coffee spoons and simultaneously the fullness of life celebrated in all its glory.

Sonya Walters

Sonya Walters

Control Tower, 6 Alexander Grove & 35 Kings Hill Ave

Memories of distant travels and a response to experience much closer to home are the trigger to my work, but it is a fascination with colour which is the all encompassing ingredient to my practice.

The immediacy and physical nature of the printmaking process is a different experience to the more contemplative and solitary nature of the painting studio, but the two areas have become a significant overlapping combination.
During the process in both painting and printmaking, the work will begin to take its own path, and I’m always fascinated and pleased when on completion, the piece does indeed encapsulate the spirit of the initial response, but in a form never initially envisaged.

After graduating from Chelsea School of Art worked as an artist, teacher and banner maker in London and Cornwall.

Has exhibited widely over the years including Royal Academy of Arts, Affordable Art Fair, Tate St Ives, Camden Arts Centre, Newlyn Exchange and Truro Law Courts to name but a few.

She now works from her garden in Brighton studio in Brighton, participating in the Artists Open Houses each year.