Work in Kings Hill
Whether for global giants or new ventures, the business park in Kings Hill provides a place where new commercial history is being made.
From start-ups to international conglomerates

Kings Hill has been created as a unique combination of place and opportunity for business. It is home to everything from ambitious individual operators to elite brands and global household names who add to the diverse Kings Hill story.

Operated by the national Liftshare organisation, Liftshare provides Kings Hill employees and residents with an opportunity to share fuel costs and reduce car usage and so reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Liftshare is the largest car share network in the UK and is a social enterprise, mission driven rather than profit driven. The scheme is able to fund services which help with parking issues, saving money and reducing local pollution and congestion - and members don't pay a penny to join.
Surrounded by rolling Kent heathland, ancient woodlands and green spaces it is already halfway to Europe, and it takes less time to reach Central London by rail than it does to drive from one side of the capital to the other.

Of course, everyone knows what all work and no play can do, so it’s the ideal place to take advantage of the ever-changing, ever growing social, sporting and entertainment opportunities.

Revolving art exhibition in the atrium shared by Kimberly-Clark and Travel Insurance Facilities

The Specialist Works

office art exhibition

An inspired cultural initiative from Liberty is the office art exhibitions, where the gallery comes to people in their work place. A curated changing collection of artworks, loaned by local and international artists, provides employees with colourful and changing surroundings. The artists benefit from this enlarged gallery and the chance for more people to see their work and to buy it.

Kings Hill provides a special environment where companies can establish themselves and have room to grow, with the residential neighbourhoods providing a doorstep pool of labour – a powerful and sustainable mix.

View the Current Exhibition

25 Kings Hill Avenue
Working in Kings Hill


A sense of safety and security pervades Kings Hill. There are just two access roads into the community, both with CCTV surveillance and, as an added deterrent, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (APNR) cameras. While Kings Hill is accessible, it is not a thoroughfare and therefore less prone to opportunist traffic. In addition, a 24-hour mobile security unit patrols the commercial property areas, which is funded via the estate charge to which all business park occupiers contribute.

The residential areas are lively and active throughout the week with a committed neighbourhood watch network. The Kent Police neighbourhood team is proud of Kings Hill’s low crime rating (see here). It is acknowledged that one of the Police Community Support Officers, who patrol Kings Hill, has served the community for the last decade and has helped maintain law and order.