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"One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world."
Malale Yousafzai, youngest ever Nobel Prize Laureate
Reconnecting with the natural classroom

Natural spaces give children a stronger sense of place and physical connection, healthier eating habits from growing their own food, and simply being outdoors can improve mental and emotional health and better motor skills can be developed in outside play.

It is a message that has found a perfect home at Kings Hill where three primary schools sit amid 800 acres providing a safe, relaxed environment for learning.

At Kings Hill Primary School – set in its generous five acres of grounds – outdoor learning is already a lesson that has been learned. Outside is where pupils come alive, in its four outdoor areas – a pond and bird reserve, the whispering woods, a wildflower meadow and the storytelling circle. A lesson can start with an apple pip and spread through biology, maths, food production, nutrition, history, animal welfare, insect life, or anywhere that a young imagination can take it.

Discovery School pupils in the woodland classroom

Pupils from Kings Hill’s Valley Invicta School discovering type 24 pill boxes from World War II

Learning about the past

History is more fun when the fabric that helped create it is right on your school’s doorstep.

Kings Hill’s connection with its history inspired a public art commission – A Place of Landings, a series of artworks by artist Richard Wolfströme.

Word trails with stories, quotes and ideas – gathered from veterans and the community –have been set in bronze and embedded into the surfaces around the shopping area at the heart of Kings Hill, Liberty Square.

Another roundel surrounds a place for people to sit and reflect on the memories gathered from the community and picked out in bronze text. Word trails, containing historical memories, form wavy lines of flying texts along the walkways, while two narrative straight lines echo the path of the original runway.

Now – nearly 80 years on – a new generation of children can once again learn the names, shapes and roles of the aircraft as the community reconnects with its past.

Break time for Discovery School pupils in the woodland classroom
The School run

Core values

Children today owe much to the fruit farmers who have tended the orchards in this corner of Kent’s Garden of England for hundreds of years. Lush crops needed young, nimble fingers to harvest ripe apples, pears and hops, and so the UK’s six-week summer school holiday was born to supply them.

Generations later, most of the fruit trees might be gone, but the roots of the holidays are still here. This enduring relationship with the land and its harvest continues. When names were being sought for the dozens of new roads created for Kings Hill, the land provided the answers.

Pippins, Braeburns, Discovery and rarer breeds such as Elstar, Lord Lambourne and, of course, Liberty have been remembered in the street names criss-crossing its 800 acres.

Schools within Kings Hill and the surrounding area
Nursery on the Hill
and Pre School
Nursery and Pre School
60 Gibson Drive
01732 441118
Kings Hill Pre-School
Nursery and Pre-school
70 Gibson Drive
01732 840180
Valley Invicta at Kings Hill
Primary School
Warwick Way
(off Gibson Drive)
01622 357026
Kings Hill School
Primary School
Crispin Way
01732 842739
The Discovery School
Primary School
Discovery Drive
01732 847000
Mascalls School
Secondary School
Paddock Drive
01892 835366
The Malling School
Secondary School
West Maling
01732 840995
Hugh Christie Technology College
Secondary School
West Maling
01732 353544

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