Kings Hill art to feature on TV

Kings Hill art to feature on TV

People visiting the Control Tower in Kings Hill will have the opportunity to see a painting that will soon appear in a top-secret TV programme.

‘Sister’ by abstract artist Michelle Cobbin, is on show as part of the latest art exhibition at Kings Hill and is so-named because it reminded Michelle of the poster for alternative rock band Sonic Youth’s album Sister.

It evokes a decaying industrial landscape, with iron-like beams and the letter ‘D’ recollective of graphic advertising or graffiti.

“The painting features in a scene from a new TV series – the name of which I have been sworn to secrecy until it is formally announced!”, said June Frickleton of Frickleton Fine Art, who curates the exhibitions on behalf of Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust.

Other works on show include deeply pigmented acrylics by Clare May Martin, abstract interpretation of landscapes by Eli Beaumont, textiles by Linda Abrahams and vibrant impressionist paintings by Marie-Louise Miller.

“I try to select a variety of works for the exhibitions - some quirky and some classic - so there is something for everyone to enjoy,” added June. “The exhibition represents a cross section of art forms created by well established artists and it is a good opportunity for people to see their work in an informal setting.”

The exhibition is open to the public between 9am and 5.30pm on Monday to Friday and will run until September 6th when it will be replaced with a new exhibition.

Details of each artist together with an example of their work is listed on

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