Exciting art in Kings Hill exhibition

Exciting art in Kings Hill exhibition

An exciting new exhibition showcasing a wide range of art mediums has just opened at The Control Tower in the centre of Kings Hill.

It features work by some of the country’s most up and coming artists and includes glassworks, paintings, prints and sculpture.

“We try to provide visitors with a variety of works for the exhibitions - some quirky and some classic - so there is something for everyone to enjoy,” said June Frickleton of Frickleton Fine Art, who curates the exhibitions on behalf of Kings Hill developer Liberty Property Trust.

“The exhibition represents a cross section of art forms created by talented artists and it is a good opportunity for people to see their work in an informal setting.”

Among the eye-catching works are delicate glassworks by Annie Ross; wildlife sculptures by trained blacksmith Daniel Griffiths which have been cast using techniques practised since antiquity; a colourful mixed media piece by Kally Lawrence; abstract paintings inspired by the Sussex coast by Adam Bracey; an oil on glass painting by Nina Garstang; a vibrant work by Kimbal Bumstead and paintings by Stephen Larking.

The exhibition is open to the public between 9am and 5.30pm on Monday to Friday.

Details of each artist together with an example of their work is listed here

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